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Emma Arcos (they/them), SHRM-CP

People Operations & Culture Consultant

DEI Training Facilitator

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Abundance HR

My name is EC Arcos (they/them). I am an NYC-born HR consultant with over 7 years of leading people operations  & culture initiatives. I graduated from Boston College in 2018 with a B.A. in French & Communication. I earned my SHRM-CP (2021) and SHRM People Analytics credentials (2023), and enjoy applying my knowledge, skills, and competencies to grow great socially-minded brands across the globe.

I am fluent in French and speak Spanish proficiently. My home base currently is on Piscataway and Nacotchtank ancestral lands, known as Washington DC. Clients hire me for my demonstrated experience across all areas of HR functions: recruiting, on/offboarding, employee engagement, cybersecurity, performance, culture, compensation & benefits administration, and organizational development. 

Currently, I work full-time at a global non-profit supporting 60 staff across 14 different countries. I also provide consulting services to organizations passionate about creating a radically inclusive employee experience and employer brand. My acclaimed training "Breaking the Binary: Gender-Inclusive English at Work" successfully trains DEI champions across diverse organizations in multiple sectors. This training celebrates a 100% net promoter score. Book a training today and achieve the following objectives:

  • Define key vocabulary & gender-inclusive English

  • Identify binary & nonbinary pronouns

  • Strengthen critical intercultural communication competencies

  • Practice introducing yourself & your pronouns

  • Ask questions about LGBTQIA issues at work

  • Apply learnings in your organization's strategy

The Abundance HR Handbook supplements the full training. Download it for FREE here. 

For 45-minute staff trainings in hybrid settings, the Abundance HR Workbook creates the optimal learning environment. Customization is available. Submit the contact form below to get started today!


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training

Breaking the Binary:
Gender-Inclusive English at Work


Gender-based discrimination at work is illegal. Protect your organization against costly claims of discrimination. Custom training available based on your org's needs.

Brand Community

DEI is more than a trend! This training offers strategic initiatives to boost LGBTQ brand engagement. Get comfortable engaging with LGBTQ stakeholders authentically.

Professional Development

This facilitated training that addresses questions about LGBTQ issues at work. Strong intercultural communication skills improve long-term sustainability in your career.

Staff Preparedness

Equip staff with scripts for common awkward situations and greater cultural awareness. This training offers role-play practice introducing using pronouns and gender-inclusive English.

Reduce Attrition

Prevent the loss of valuable talent and potential clients because you do not address them correctly. Use this training to see positive impacts on your relationships, reputation, and revenue. 

Intercultural Communication

"Breaking the Binary" is a safe space for all levels of learners. This training gives you tools to support lifelong learning journeys in orgs of all sizes.

I've been working retail for decades, and this training changed the way I see all people. I feel transformed."
Learning about the history of gender-inclusive language helped me break my binary lens. This training gave me a solid game plan to put what I learn into use, something I hadn't seen in similar presentations before."

Very thorough and well-paced, this training offered opportunities for confidential engagement without the pressure of being right or wrong were excellent."

Abundance HR overlaid on floral collage art background

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